About Richard Morley Psychic Medium

About Richard Alan Morley Psychic Medium

"I'm a nuts and bolts medium! I don't hold back or sugar coat the message because the message has to stay pure. Every one of my clients has appreciated this approach. The message, the words, the emotion, the love... all have to be delivered the way spirit intended. This actually creates a stronger bond with the spirit person and the recipient. All I am is the man in the middle delivering that message. What a wonderful place to be!"

~Richard Morley Psychic Medium~

Early Years

As a boy I often felt the energy of spirit. The greatest gift that spirit has given me was from the age of 5... the year my wonderful, funny, fun loving dad died. Alan Fredrick Morley. His name lives on in legacy as my sister, Nicky Alan, has taken his name. The gift that was given to me was, quite literally, him. They gave him back to me. He visited my dreams almost every night for years. He only stopped visiting me when I was old enough to cope with him not being around me physically. Now I see him every Christmas, in full form, as if he was standing right next to me. 



I have been doing readings for people for over 28 years now. I never did fit in in circles. I did not go to the spiritual churches. My learning was very intuitive and this comes from my lineage. The seventh son legacy and our family devotion to working in the light and energy of spirit and the Angels has been passed down to me. I never used to believe in Angels, or anything biblical, but after I experienced constant visits and events (too many to mention here) I was forced to believe. There was no other way. Since then I have worked only for the spirit and the Angel realms. The gift of Health Intuition has been added to my life's work and it has helped so many people. I have been a painter, ground worker, media designer, tele sales worker and many more. But nothing has ever been anywhere near as satisfying, enjoyable, rewarding or as fulfilling as working for spirit and the Angels. I am beyond grateful. There isn't a word that describes my passion for this work.

Richard Morley Psychic Medium
Richard Morley Psychic Medium

'The Real Deal'

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Richard Morley Psychic Medium

International Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive

I have had the most amazing reading with Richard. I have had a few readings over the years but nothing like this. The names, the people he spoke about gave me goosebumps. I would recommend Richard to anyone that would like to have a reading and those that have had readings before. It was just beautiful xx
Gill Barnes recommends Richard Morley Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive.

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