"We are Spiritual energies experiencing a human existance. Balance of our powerful soul and our fragile bodies are the key to good health and well being"
~ Richard Morley Psychic Medium ~

From Mind to body, from body to Soul

Guided Meditations for well being, Fibromyalgia/CFS/M.E help sessions, Balance Sessions

Richard Morley Psychic Medium Psychic Parties

Health Intuitive Reading
1 hrs | £60

Spirit and psychic reading.
Scanning your body for ailments, providing helpful ways to heal.
using mediumship to get to the route of your problems.
Help with depression and Anxiety.  

These sessions are very powerful. Richard uses all of the tools that he has to hand; his psychic ability, mediumship skills and the ability to scan and intuitively feel your health problems. 

Richard Morley Medum Guided Meditations

1 hr | Cost £50

For: Spiritual Development, Depression, Anxiety and Well Being.

These unique sessions have helped many people to cope with everyday stress, mental health problems, depression and Anxiety. I use a combination of Spirit, Angelic and Nature energy to balance your human energy and grow the spiritual you. Everyone's experience is different. These sessions have fast become a large percentage of the work I does.

1 hr | Cost £50

These sessions help those who suffer with chronic illness. Each session is designed specifically for you. They include health, diet, lifestyle and natural remedy advice. Guided meditations are also part of the program to help with depression and anxiety. 

Balance Sessions

2hrs | £130 per Person

Best experienced with a friend but just as relaxing on your own
Up to 4 people per session.
Your Body and mind are very closely knitted together and they often need balancing. Mediumship is a form of healing but the body needs nourishment too. Balance your energy and treat yourself to a session that will calm your Mind Body and Soul. Start off with a treatment from Therapist Sarah Hibberd, then a One to One reading with Psychic Medium Richard Morley and finally immerse yourself into our healing meditation.
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Any questons?

Richard is truly a gifted medium not only connecting with my loved ones but giving insight to what is going on medically as well. He knew all what I was experiencing and been going through, . He was really on point with everything . I just had a reading and it was amazing. I actually came across and found him by doing a search for L.D.N and he came up. I knew I was being guided and had to make an appointment. I was so happy I did. It was amazing and so on point with what's going on medically which he picked up, as well as my loved ones coming through. So many names, and so on point. He gave me so much clarity , validation and messages from loved one. His evidence is so spot on. He truly is a gifted amazing medium and so healing. I highly recommend him
Liz Costanzo Goley recommends Richard Morley Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive.  

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