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Richard Morley Psychic Medium

International Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive

Strengthening the connection to the spirit world 

"Working with spirit, learning more from them every day, is my life! But what reaches into my heart more than connecting with spirit... is being able to help someone else feel that energy, to be the one in the middle, connecting them to those who they love and miss."
"Is this the best career in the world? Is this my dream job? ABSOLUTELY!"

~Richard Morley Psychic Medium~

Richard's brings a strong connection to your loved ones in spirit. By bridging the gap between the material world and the spirit world, Richard enables healing, brings love and messages from your lost friends and family and helps fix your body and mind with his Health Intuitive gift.

Richard with connect to your loved ones in spirit and bring you their love and messages from them.  Full Psychic Mediumship. 

Video call energy is the same as if you were having a reading in person.

The most popular of all of Richards Reading types. These readings are pure with spirit energy and are very powerful.

For a more personal experience, these types of readings are very popular. A more intimate and powerful energy.

Richard Morley Medium in Person Reading

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Health Intuitive Readings Richard Morley Medium

Richard scans your body to help diagnose health problems. Diet, suppliments and herbal advice as well as life style changes are given. 

Health Intuitive Readings Richard Morley Medium

NEW Quick Fire Tarot and Full Email Tarot readings

Don't have enough time for a reading? Full Tarot Email readings and Quick Fire Tarot readings are just what you need with your busy lifestyle. Recieve your reading via email or text and sit back and relax in your own time and enjoy! 

-Full tarot includes Angel and Oracle cards, psychic link and Aura reading (Delivered via email within 7 days)
-Quick Fire Readings include a psychic link, A Tarot and Oracle reading (delivered within 24hrs)
-Ask specific questions or just see what happens!

One to One Guided Meditation Sessions

For spiritual development and well being.
These unique sessions have helped many people to cope with everyday stress, mental health problems, depression and Anxiety. I use a combination of Spirit, Angelic and Nature energy to balance your human energy and grow your spiritual you. Everyone's experience is different. These sessions have fast become a large percentage of the work I do.

Psychic Parties
Richard Morley Psychic Medium In The Comfort Of Your Home

Tailor the service you require and have a unique soiree with your friends
This includes group readings, One 2 One readings, Tarot cards, healing, diet advice and health scanning, mini workshops and more. It's your party and you have Richard for up to 4 hours. 

Fibromyalgia/M.E/CFS help Sessions

These sessions help those who suffer with chronic illness. Each session is designed specifically for you. They include health, diet, lifestyle and natural remedy advice. Guided meditations are also part of the program to help with depression and anxiety. 

Balance Sessions

Your Body and mind are very closely knitted together and they often need balancing. Mediumship is a form of healing but the body needs nurishment too. Balance your energy and treat yourself to a session that will calm your Mind, Body and Soul. Start off with a treatment from Therapist Sarah Hibberd, then a One to One reading with Psychic Medium Richard Morley and finally immerse yourself into our healing meditation.


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Balance mind body and soul Richard Morley Medium

My experience with Richard was absolutely amazing. I was excited but nervous! He made me feel immediately at ease & comfortable. Truly amazing at what he does. I had connections with my loved ones. Messages received were touching & emotional. There was absolutely no way he would know anything about me. The things he mentioned were unreal that I'd only know or my family. Reading was completely accurate & in line what is going on currently in my life as well as what has happened in the past & future. I'm honestly lost for words. It's made me feel at peace & comfort. At ease about many things that have been on my mind & worrying me. I will definitely have another reading again with you. I've recommended you to my family & friends. Relative of mine has already booked you. Best thing I've ever done.

Thank you so much
God Bless
Mala Singadia recommends Richard Morley Psychic Medium and Health Intuitive. 

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For more information on bookings and Richards services please leave a message. Enquiries are usually answered within 24hrs. 
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